The 9 Best Winter Makeup Products for Glowing Skin


Now that you’ve traded your summer frocks for cashmere sweaters and other cold-weather staples, making sure your makeup looks also get the winter wonderland treatment is a must. While months of working from home may have given you fewer reasons to reach for your eye shadows and lip glosses, it’s finally time to end the year on a high note with winter makeup looks that will up your glam factor during this festive season.  


What is Winter Makeup? 

Deep red lips, smokey eyes and berry tones are the classic go-to looks for the season’s festivities, but winter makeup can also be that “fresh from the slopes/aprés ski look that includes clear skin, pink cheeks and bright eyes with not much shadow,” says Chicago-based celebrity makeup artist Jenny Patinkin. But whether you’re going for a look that’s chic and dramatic or bright and snow-kissed, there’s one winter makeup must-have that’s always on trend: plump and glowy skin.  

“Winter makeup sometimes means you are combating the cold and dry climate by ensuring that the skin is hydrated and that you are not using products that will dry out your skin,” explains Lindsay Kastuk, a commercial makeup artist in New York. 

Cold temperatures and biting winds can do a number on your skin, so making sure you have a soft, smooth and well-hydrated canvas is just as important as choosing the perfect winter palette that complements your skin tone. 

In fact, prepping your skin and keeping it moisturized are the most important steps when creating a winter makeup look, says New York- and California-based celebrity makeup artist Christina Flach. “Getting the skin ready for winter is just as important as being on a sunny beach in the summer. Harsh weather can be incredibly damaging to the skin, so wearing sunscreen during the day and a heavy moisturizer at night is vital for skin to look fabulous when we want to do a wintery makeup,” she adds. 

How to Create a Winter Makeup Look 

The perfect winter makeup isn’t complete without a glowy, healthy-looking complexion underneath. However, the daily onslaught of indoor heating and harsh weather conditions can easily suck the life out of your skin. To keep “winter face” at bay, give your skin some extra TLC with makeup products that add a much-needed dose of hydration and pampering.

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